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0 answers

How to connect with phala contract for creation of anonymous accounts using phala network?

I want to create anonymous account using phala network. Here is my logic. You need to sign with your kyc account using the password as message and verify that the account is yours inside phala ...
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12 votes
2 answers

Why does Substrate have a Wasm runtime?

Having a Wasm runtime is a key design decision in Substrate's architecture. It's clear that it's a key part of Substrate's forkless upgradability feature, but I'm still curious to understand what ...
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2 answers

Why is substrate written like this? [closed]

I am curious about the way substrate is written. Let's take for example the assets pallet. Most of the functions in the file don't reveal too much detail, but enough to understand what each ...
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Is there a substrate technology explainer available? [closed]

I've seen the developer docs, but what I am looking for is a paper that explains why Substrate is organized in the way that it is. As far as I understand, Substrate builds chains that are EVM-...
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