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Custom typegen and using ApiPromise: Property 'unwrap' does not exist on type 'Codec'

It seems there is a mismatch between autocomplete suggestion return types from an ApiPromise instance and the actual returned type. I am using "@polkadot/api": "8.1.1". I am ...
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Add custom type to the substrate-front-end-template

is it a new approach to add the custom types to the substrate-front-end-template ? the ones I found in past examples of Kitties seem don't work any more. I try adding them to the PolkadotJS and to the ...
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generate types from chain does not work. Documentation is not clear

I dont think typegen is working as expected per documentation, by following the provided example and adapting it to my parachain. ` Found 244 errors in 5 files. Errors Files 5 src/interfaces/augment-...
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Does Substrate support custom node specific environment vars or flags

I have a pallet that should have access to a secp256k1::Keypair for signing messages. And I want to be able to start the node with either the secret_key string or a path to a key-file. Then have the ...
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Polkadot Explorer: decode storage

I was doing some testing and sent a transaction on a custom substrate chain. On the polkadot explorer, the block which held the transaction had an error. The transaction completed; however, the ...
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