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How can I use the --rpc-cors flag properly?

I m attempting to use the --rpc-cors flag to specify certain domains that are allowed to send requests to my chain (localhost - substrate-node-template). However, regardless of how I use this flag, I ...
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Using the --rpc-cors flag with anything besides 'all' gives rejected connection

I'm trying to use the --rpc-cors flag in a remote VM, behind a ssl enabled nginx proxy. When connecting using the Polkadot UI passing 'all' as parameter, it connects without problem in wss://...
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How to use the default Substrate CLI rpc-cors values without using rpc-cors=all for a Collator node and connect from Polkadot.js Apps

I want to be able to connect a collator node using that is based on the substrate-parachain-template using branch 'polkadot-v0.9.18' and is being run as a parachain in ...
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Sometimes Polkadot JS won't connect to the local node, unless I enable rpc-cors all

I am using the polkadot js appimage and sometimes while connecting to my node, I see this : Blocked connection to WebSockets server from untrusted origin: Some("file://"). I've tried running ...
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