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BlockNumber and Balance Arithmetic

I am implementing subscriptions, paid for with balance, rated per block, and the duration measured in block numbers. I am finding it very difficult, in general, to perform arithmetic that take both ...
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2 answers

Problems With `app_crypto!` Macro

I have the following error while building: error[E0599]: no function or associated item named `generate_with_phrase` found for struct `crain_pow::app::Pair` in the current scope --> node/src/...
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Basics > Runtime > Core primitives > frame_system / node_primitives vs core primitives / Docu of a Pallet configuration trait [closed]

My questions relate to Core Primitives for setting up a node with FRAME. Do I include the Core Primitives by using the Crate frame_system or Crate node_primitives? The core primitives mentioned here:...