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Expose StorageItems to other pallets whose types are bound on an instance of my pallet

I have a pallet pallet-a whose StorageItem should be read/written by other pallets. Let's say that StorageItem is #[pallet::storage] #[pallet::getter(fn get_commitments)] pub type Commits&...
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Add scheduler pallet in substrate

I am running into issues adding the scheduler pallet to my Substrate chain. Here are the steps I followed: Clone the repo git clone ...
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(FIXED) Substrate forkless upgrade tutorial: pallet_scheduler has breaking changes [closed]

(This question was originally asked here: I am following the Substrate forkless ...
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Explanation on this syntax: pub trait Config<I: 'static = ()>: frame_system::Config

I was contributing on pallet-assets and I found it hard to understand this syntax: pub trait Config<I: 'static = ()>: frame_system::Config Care to explain in details and examples?
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