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How many collators can a parachain have?

I think this should be split into 2 questions: How many total collators can a parachain have ? How many collators can collate at the same block height ? I suspect those number would be approximative ...
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New collators not peering - shouldHavePeers: false

In our parachain setup we have one healthy collator node producing blocks. I tried to add two bootnodes and one collator to the set (all of them connecting to the existing collator). So for the ...
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Inclusion of Collator In Parachain Lease

I understand that allocating a collator node (or a few) to each chain w/a Parachain slot per era is overkill from a trust perspective. However, from a developer's perspective, it would reduce a ...
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Proposals not getting processed, Consensus Issues on Rococo

Context: A parachain in Rococo is missing more block slots than I would expect it to at fairly random times. Version: Polkadot v0.9.42 Number of Collators: 3 Logging: (Perhaps I am missing the correct ...
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Rococo collator running on aws eks fails and restart every few minutes

I have a rococo collator running on aws eks that keeps failing, here are the logs: 2023-04-23 01:49:19 [Parachain] 💤 Idle (0 peers), best: #0 (0x3865…1210), finalized #0 (0x3865…1210), ⬇ 0 ⬆ 0 ...
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How to start syncing a parachain collator with Kusama relay chain while a parathread of the Kusama Coretime parachain is onboarding

In the "Run Parachain Collator" section of the Polkadot Wiki here to use Agile Coretime with Parachains, it says "While the parachain is onboarding, start syncing the collator using the ...
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Why my collator node produce only #1 block and not finalize it?

I am trying to running collator node by using this tutorial, I have secured testnet and everything is configured by my side but the issue is just #1 block produce but it is not finalizing. Can someone ...
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Collator starts after more than 10 hours on Azure cloud

I am migrating from AWS to Azure Cloud. I have two parachain collators running. One on AWS (yet to migrate) and another on Azure Cloud (migrated). Whenever I restart the service on AWS, it hardly ...
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Is it possible to pull the transactions that the Moonbeam collators are sending to the Polkadot relay chain?

Currently, working inside the Moonbeam interface and was wondering if it was possible to pull the group of transactions that the Moonbeam collators are sending to the Polkadot Relay Chain before the ...
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