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Collator node starts failing to import blocks with "database" and "block has an unknown parent" errors after its been running for a while

I'm running collators for both kusama and polkadot network, and both started failing to import blocks after running for a while, these are the logs that I'm getting: 2022-12-13 22:49:39 [Relaychain] 💔...
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How to add new collators on a running parachain?

I'm running a Relay Chain with 4 validators. And trying to add a new collator to a running parachain. Which I've changed the desiredCandidates from 0 to 2 in the Chain Specification file. And when I ...
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4 votes
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The given validation code was rejected by the PVF pre-checking vote

I'm running a local relay for testing, which is all working great. The issue comes in when joining a parachain to the network - I can get as far as submitting an upload for the genesis state and WASM. ...
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How do I recover quickly if the number of healthy nodes for my parachain reaches zero?

I'm particularly interested in the role of backups and state stored on disk in the recovery process. In terms of preparations, we are early enough in our project lifecycle to put in place whatever ...
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Staking rewards for collator services

How to add Staking rewards for collator services for Node operators ?
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How many collators need to be set on the parachain?

Background our parachain has won the slot and will launch in the future. So, we firstly face the question of how many collators should be setup in our parachain. Here are some of my questions: ...
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Zombienet: test fails after changing parachain id

Originally I had this network definition file: [relaychain] default_image = "" default_command = "polkadot" default_args = [ "-...
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