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How to upload the same ink! smart contract to a different code hash?

I've written this ink! quickstart script that I can repeatedly call to run these steps to flood my local testnet with instances of Flipper contracts: Kills an existing substrate-contracts-node ...
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Calculating code hash for an authorize-enact style runtime upgrade?

How to calculate the code hash for fn authorize_upgrade of cumulus_pallet_parachain_system? As per crate substrate-runtime-proposal-hash been trying BLAKE2B32(0x0103 | BLAKE2B32(wasm_bytes)) with no ...
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Ways to get the code hash of a contract by a given address

I've been wondering how I can access a contract's code hash. I see that from ink version 3.0.1, there is a function inside the ink_env crate code_hash but even when updating to the following version, ...
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