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`check-blocks` command not re-executing the block

I am confused about the behavior of the check-block command. I was expecting it to re-execute the block, but it seems like this is not the case. For example, the following command: ➜ ~ RUST_LOG=...
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create a dev chainspec with specific test users

I'd like to use the Polkadot CLI to create a chainspec with specific user balances pre-seeded. I'd like to be able to do this for any of the dev runtimes. In the case of the polkadot dev runtime, I ...
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RPC enabled? CLI configuration?

I need to determine whether RPCs are enabled in a OCW. I am thinking that I could check rpc_external and/or ws_external in sc_cli::commands::run_cmd but (1) is this the best way and (2) if it is, how ...
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How does the Substrate Node Template deal with command line arguments?

I'm reading the code of Substrate Node Template, trying to get a deeper understanding of the implementation of it. However, I stuck when I tried to find out how the node deals with command line ...
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when running a validating nodes, firewall setting is essential?

when running a nodes, firewall is essential? i used this command sudo ufw allow 3033/tpc but it`s result is "ERROR: Bad port" what`s the problem? can i just done "sudo ufw enable" ...
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Why can't we pass the path to a database other than RocksDB (e.g. ParityDB) to the Substrate Service?

The Substrate Client has a: Substrate CLI here, where we're given the option to choose to use either RocksDB or ParityDB Substrate Service (sc-service) where here it states: "The RocksDB ...
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