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Calling CLI subcommand through different terminal after running the node

I'm trying to set some off-chain storage through a different terminal using a custom subcommand after starting up the node. Question here is: Is there any way to call the custom CLI subcommand in the ...
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What does the `--dev` flag do?

I get a different set of behaviors when running my node with --dev than when I run my node with my own custom setup. What is happening in the background?
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6 votes
2 answers

What is the internal logic of `--force-authoring` flag?

From where do I get the internal logic of --force-authoring flag? Here is my scenario: I've added a custom chain-spec that is similar to the default one where we are setting the environment for --dev ...
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What does the `--tmp` flag do when running the Substrate Node Template?

The Substrate Node Template says in the "Run" section of the README, that the single-node development chain will start with "non-persistent state" if run with the following command:...
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