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Building a parachain node exceeds the 14GB disk limit on github actions free tier

The compile time problems with Substrate are well known. But recently I hit a new issue: Building a simple parachain node and its test harness takes more than 14GB. While 14GB may seem like an ...
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Automating Sync Tests for a Substrate Node: Best Approaches?

I am working on a Substrate node that needs to sync with specific live networks. My goal is to ensure that the node is able to initiate and maintain synchronization with these networks, and I would ...
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How to avoid double work when building with srtool

I'm integrating srtool into my CI build. As a result of the build, I aim to obtain the client and the runtime. I can compile the runtime with srtool action and run cargo build to get the client. But ...
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Code coverage setup in Substrate

At my current company we are using Substrate for our developments, we have an automated setup with test and whatnot. We are now evaulating our options regarding code coverage. We are thinking of a ...
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How to setup custom parachain name, Kubectl, Minikube in Zombienet tests in Github CICD

it seems to be a Github environment setup problem for running Zombienet test with my custom parachain. I have made a template repo trying to reproduce this problem. When I used my template repo to run ...
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