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Building plain chain spec yields raw output

The command substrate build-spec > plain-chain-spec.json used to generate a human readable version of the chain spec in json. To create the more stable machine friendly version of that chain spec ...
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create a dev chainspec with specific test users

I'd like to use the Polkadot CLI to create a chainspec with specific user balances pre-seeded. I'd like to be able to do this for any of the dev runtimes. In the case of the polkadot dev runtime, I ...
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Cant produce new blocks with custom ChainSpec file

I was using substrate version of 4.0.0-dev-41ad4a6c9d7 and following the Add Trusted Nodes for making a custom account as a Authorites account here, I can't able to produce new blocks, I don't know ...
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Having trouble with the `ChainSpec` Type

I've updated the ChainSpec type from: pub type ChainSpec = sc_service::GenericChainSpec<GenesisConfig, Extensions>; to pub type ChainSpec = sc_service::GenericChainSpec<Result<...
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Export-State produces wrong collators hex

I am experimenting with the export state command. For now I am testing it on my local machine. So, for this purpose, I spin up polkadot relay chain with two validators and connect one collator of my ...
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Does export-state produces a random collator address?

While running export-state command against my parachain, I observed that the resultant raw parachain specs has a diffirent collator address as compared to the original one. Does the export-sate ...
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How to start a GRANDPA blockchain without any initial voters?

I've tried modifying the repository so initial voters for the grandpa pallet. In doing so, I noticed there are many checks to prevent that modification. The reason why we do not want any initial ...
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How do I use the Forks feature of the `ChainSpecExtension`?

I've read the rustdocs about ChainSpecExtensions. For example and also several related pages that you can find by ...
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Change session keys in new chain spec

Chain spec primary_chain is defined under node/src/ Steps to reproduce: generate default chain spec for primary_chain ./collator build-spec --chain primary_chain > spec.json Edit ...
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How to include evm chain decimals?

I tried frontier-node-template it's working fine with substrate part but showing less balance in metamask. I used chainid and RPC it's showing 20 TEST instead of 20M Tokens What's i am missing? How to ...
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How to debug

I was trying to have a close look at how was constructed, and wanted to output to the console for debugging purposes, but was having some trouble executing print and log::info. So, I ...
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