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How to use the scale decoder to parse extrinsics?

How to use the scale decoder to parse extrinsics? I tried to get the timestamp of this block in this way, but the result was not correct. Which friend has a specific example of analysis for me? thank ...
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2 answers

Help needed with payloads and extrinsics

I know that the payload and extrinsics are dynamic, and even different between parachains/base chains(kusama,polkadot,rococo,westend). But I am struggling to find good documentation on how these ...
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Is there an up to date .net sdk or library?

Some companies want to interact with prebuilt c# code. Is there a more high level interface than writing lots of p-invokes?
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KSM DOT Extrinsic difference?

Does anyone know that is there a difference between DOT / KSM / Westend transactions? Context: A common send/transfer transaction... I can generate same pk and address for Dot and KSm and WST chains ...
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