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Substrate build failure with `--runtime-benchmarks` flag

git checkout 91b97b016618fcc515f55a15b1f008b68e13f5a2 cargo check --features runtime-benchmarks error: failed to run custom build command for `sc-network-bitswap v0.10.0-dev (/root/code/self/...
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2 answers

Substrate Node Template Build Error, syn::group private

while building substrate node template versions: polkadot-v0.9.19, polkadot-v0.9.27 get the below error rustup version nightly-2022-02-15-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu (default) rustc 1.60.0-nightly (...
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How to increase performance of building Substrate by "cargo build --release" command

I using Substrate-template-node to build pallet and my laptop have Core-i7 chip, but the time to build is range from 9-12 minutes. So, when I change code and have to wait to build and run. So, my ...
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error[E0152]: found duplicate lang item when building sp_io

I am getting the following errors when building sp_io for our blockchain runtime. error[E0152]: found duplicate lang item `panic_impl` --> /home/aibrayanov/.cargo/git/checkouts/substrate-...
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Unable to compile substrate template `error: failed to run custom build command for `librocksdb-sys v0.8.0+7.4.4`

First, I have looked at several previous posts regarding similar build errors but have yet to get the substrate template to build locally successfully. The exact error I encounter is: error: failed to ...
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