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How do I connect to a network using Substrate Connect?

I have the Substrate Connect light client browser extension installed but there are no networks listed in the options. Click into the Options in the extension: Clicking Networks does nothing: How do ...
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web3Enable prompts sign-in to all of my installed extensions when I only want a single prompt for a single extension

web3Enable returns an array of all the injected sources/extensions. Is there any way to prevent it from prompting permissions for every installed extension and instead have it only throw out the one ...
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3 votes
1 answer

How to build the browser extension with substrate?

Can we make browser extension with substrate and yes and how ? can anyone please provide the resource to read about it ?
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Security discussion with mnemonic in polkadot extension

Does the extension save mnemonic in the browser? If yes, is it safe?
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Index.html file not found on Firefox after building dev version of Polkadot.js extension

When I start the development version of the Polkadot.js extension on Firefox after installing it, I'm getting the error: File not found. Firefox cannot find the file on moz-extension://.../index.html. ...
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