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Not able to run Rococo/Westend chains with zombienet Mac binary

I am trying to test Parity Bridge Common by spinning up local networks. I am following this document
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How can I create a bridge between a solo chain created with substrate and Ethereum blockchain?

Is there a tool offered by the substrate ecosystem that I can use, that can help me create a bridge between a solochain created with substrate and Ethereum blockchain? Specifically, I want to transfer ...
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how to bring bitcoin in polkadot substrate chain?

I am going through this article, where it talk about bringing bitcoin in substrate chain using iBTC. I am struggling to find resources about iBTC integrate in substrate chain. Someone please provide ...
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GRANDPA vs. BEEFY Light Clients

I've been exploring Substrate development of GRANDPA and BEEFY light clients and I'm trying to understand their different uses and advantages. What are the unique features and advantages of each? In ...
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solochain -> parachain bridge

I'm currently embarking on a project to establish a trustless bridge between a Substrate solochain and a parachain. Both chains utilize Substrate technology, with the solochain achieving finality ...
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How to verify that the XCM message went through successfully?

I am currently bridging the tokens from one Parachain to another, and I am examining two events to ensure the successful completion of the transaction. The first event is xcmpQueue.Success, which ...
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How can we bridge our Solochain with other chains within the Polkadot Ecosystem? Should it be a parathread or parachain migration?

How can we bridge our Substrate-based Solochain with other parachains within the Polkadot Ecosystem? Should it be a parathread or parachain migration?
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Governance of one Solochain by Another using XCM and Trustless Bridge?

I'm currently exploring the possibility of having one solochain governed by another solochain using XCM and a trustless bridge. From my understanding, XCM is a communication standard used to ...
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Solo-Parachain-Bridge POC is not working

I'm trying to run the following repo, but it's not working. $ make build-all cargo b -r -p rialto-parachain-collator && \ cargo b -r -p ...
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EVM compatible chains and Substrate Bridges

I am looking for a bridging solution between EVM compatible chains and a substrate-based solo chain (i.e. not a parachain). The bridges is purely for cross chain asset transfer. I am aware of the ...
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How `parity-bridges-common` is intended to be used for development?

So there is a repo parity-bridges-common that contains "Useful Bridge Building Tools" and is currently under development. This repo uses XCMv3 branches of polkadot and substrate (which is ...
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XCM transaction via polkadot.js/api possible? [closed]

How to do XCM transaction via polkadot.js/api? I just need to do something like that:
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How to connect my Parachain and Ethereum to ChainBridge?

How can I make ChainBridge to work with my parachain collator? Is there a documentation for such process? all the settings are inside the chainbridge/config.json file(
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What are the options for Bitcoin integration on Polkadot / with Substrate?

What are the options for Bitcoin integration on Polkadot / with Substrate? Is there a way to allow users to deposit BTC, have smart contract / runtime rules that adjust balances (based on signed app ...
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Which bridge should I use to transfer stable coin in other chain for solo chain?

My purpose is to transfer stable coin BUSD (BEP20) / USN (NEAR) / USDT (TRC20) to the other wallet address on the target BEP20, NEAR, TRC20 network Is there any existing bridge that already supports ...
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Can we write bridge smart contract using ink?

I was reading about ink smart contracts and was curious is it possible to make bridge using ink, as there is already parity-common-bridges present. It would be very helpful if someone knows about this ...
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How to withdraw KSM tokens from Karura without using the Karura Bridge graphical interface?

I transferred some KSM from the Kusama relay chain to the Karura parachain, and now I want to withdraw the tokens back to the relay chain. That said, it seems that currently the Karura graphical ...
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