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Call function when block is initialized

I want to call function on every block in ink smart contract? So when new block is initialized, function is called automatically. Is that possible in ink?
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What type should an ink! contract use to store a `uint256` block number retrieved from a Solidity contract?

In Solidity, if we get the block.number it returns type uint256 (alias uint), so I use type uint256 to store the block number in a Solidity contract. However, in ink! the equivalent u256 is not ...
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How to stub ink! contract environment to produce fake values for use in tests?

In an ink! contract I need to use Self.env().block_number() to get the current block number to compare it with a block_number_guessed value that I provide when instantiating the contract and check ...
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Get block number range for selected era in polkadot.js/api [duplicate]

I want to get block number range for selected era. So, I want to get start, end block number for specific era. How can I get them using polkadot.js/api? I can know from explorer, I need to get from ...
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Block number in the benchmark code is 0, but is 1 in the running code

If I'm running a benchmark and I get the current block number from inside the benchmark code (i.e. in the setup before I actually call the call I'm trying to benchmark) using frame_system::Pallet::<...
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Get BlockNumber from Pallet

I have struct that holds when it's created as BlockNumber. #[derive(Encode, Decode, Default, Clone, PartialEq, RuntimeDebug, TypeInfo)] #[scale_info(skip_type_params(BlockTime, MaxContentLength))] pub ...
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How do you tell which block number the last runtime upgrade happened on a chain?

How do you efficiently tell which block number the last runtime upgrade happened on for a particular chain (without reading every block)? A couple of people have hinted to me that the answer is in a ...
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From a parachain, how to get the current relay chain block number?

From a parachain, how to get the current relay chain block number? I would like to write a hook using the relay chain block as a trigger.
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How do I access current block number within Benchmarks

Trying to establish this function to be able to run to a specific block to test progressive extrinsics across blocks to simulate real execution within benchmarks: while System::block_number() < ...
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How get eraIndex by blockNumber?

How can I get the eraIndex by having a blockNumber, or get date of an era? whichever works. like: const eraIndex = getEraIndex(blockNumber); or const date = getDate(eraIndex); Thank you.
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