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Event subscription error from EVM compatible Substrate chain

i'm trying to listen events against a solidity smart contract deployed on EVM compatible Substrate chain and getting following error Error listening event ChangeOwner : Error: Returned error: Method ...
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Best Practices for Implementing Private Events in Blockchain: Restricting Event Visibility to Specific Addresses

I'm exploring a nuanced aspect of blockchain functionality and seeking community insights. In blockchain systems, events are typically public, accessible to any address. However, I'm interested in ...
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Understanding the persistence of historical block events despite automatic removal by the System pallet in Substrate

In the Substrate documentation, I came across a statement stating that at the beginning of a new block, the System pallet automatically removes all events that were stored from the previous block. ...
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How to emit events from inner contracts

let's say we have a contract which calls other contract's function that emits an event. What is the approach to emit the event coming from the inner contract's message? Currently, there is only an ...
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`BlockchainEvents` reliability and differences on a syncing node

On an actively syncing parachain node, I observed an import_notification_stream subscriber is not notified. In the same code context, if I subscribe to the finality_notification_stream instead, I get ...
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