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How can I make my node generate blocks only when they receive transactions?

In substrate node template we can see that blocks are producing and finalizing if no transaction happening so how I can make my node to only generate blocks when there are transactions happening.
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Why my solo chain block time is 12 seconds when set to 6?

I have an my own Substrate node (not a parachain, based on the template-node, so Aura consensus is used) and I changed the block time to 6 seconds in the runtime/src/ by setting pub const ...
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3 votes
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How to reject empty blocks? [duplicate]

I need to prevent empty blocks from being added to my blockchain. This is for a very small scale chain, in which 99.99884% of blocks are empty, so not adding empty blocks will dramatically reduce the ...
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How can we restart the chain if it becomes stuck during data migration?

I performed a runtime upgrade on the chain, but due to a migration failure, the chain stopped producing blocks. The logs only show that the migration failed. When I attempt to restart the validators, ...
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Are weights really neccessary?

During block authorship, the execution time of each transaction is measured, rather than weights right? Doesn't that mean as a runtime developer, you only need weights for pricing your extrinsics, but ...
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9 votes
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Single node performance

I've a couple of questions: I'm running a the node-template on a machine that has 8 cores and 64GB of RAM and its using an SSD. I have some pallets working there and I'm using the python client to ...
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Can a parachain recover from a "block taking too long" error?

We have a parachain testnet running on a local relaychain based on rococo v2. The Parachain is based on Cumulus (Polkadot and Substrate) v0.9.36 - so at the time of writing is the most up-to-date ...
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Why do most parachains have a MAXIMUM_BLOCK_WEIGHT of 0.5 seconds? [duplicate]

From my survey of a few parachains, the definition I find for MAXIMUM_BLOCK_WEIGHT is often 0.5 seconds of compute : /// Maximum weight per block pub const MAXIMUM_BLOCK_WEIGHT: Weight = Weight::...
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