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How to start block on_finalize before we reach block time?

I am currently trying to understand how we could improve our block production performance at Avail. By looking at this answer on a previous question, I get that for a 6 second block time, we allocate ...
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What exactly is `indexed_body` and how to deal with it?

The IncomingBlock struct has a field called indexed_body, containing a Vec<Vec<u8>>. As far as I can tell this is sometimes sent with a block, although only when specifically requested. If ...
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2 answers

How does a parachain collator reliably know which parachain block (candidate recipt) got included on the relaychain to build the next block on?

I understand the entire path of a parachain block upto and including its candidateReciept being "included" on the relaychain, and its erasure coded PoVs being available with the relaychain ...
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How to detect if a block is finalized already in block import

I have written a simple block import that wraps grandpa block import, it does tiny verification and calls grandpa block import after that, it looks like this: pub struct CustomBlockImport<I> { ...
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Is block creation guaranteed to be running after parent block is fully imported?

I observe an issue for a long time that I can't explain. There is a value produced in BlockImport::import_block that must be included in inherents of n+1. Though sometimes it seems like value is not ...
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Do we need to implement the `Verifier` trait if we are providing our own implementation of `ImportQueue`?

Let's say I have a consensus engine called X. I know that most consensus engines import blocks through something with the trait ImportQueue, and BasicQueue is a popular choice for that. Consensus ...
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0 answers

Block Sync and manual import of blocks

I need to manually import some blocks, i.e. I am downloading some blocks using an external tool and want to make them pass whole verification pipeline and be included in substrate's db and visible to ...
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Block import crashes on block where authorities have changed

We recently upgraded our chain from substrate V3 to polkadot-0.9.24. When we try to sync a node from 0, the block import fails on the first block where the authorities were changes (some block creator ...
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How to properly split logic between block verifier and block import?

I found it a bit confusing that part of the logic for block verification is in sc_consensus::import_queue::Verifier::verify() implementation and another part is in sc_consensus::block_import::...
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