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Rococo node crashing due to beefy gadget

I am attempting to run a Rococo node from scratch. The command I am using is ./target/release/polkadot --chain=rococo --base-path /hdd/work/fat-db/rococo-actual --enable-offchain-indexing true --sync ...
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Beefy justification subscription is not working

I would like to subscribe to the beefy justification stream on Rococo. The rpc for getFinalizedHead works fine, but I also require the justifications themselves. When I try to subscribe to the ...
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Can `ValidateUnsigned` be used outside the runtime?

I see this comment while reading through the beefy pallet Beefy equivocation
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What is beefy used for?

Beefy is running on top of grandpa and it is generating the MMR which is sent to the other chain(e.g Ethereum). AFAIU MMR only consists of block header hashes that are generated using ECDSA. So the ...
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How to build a "super light" bridge based on Beefy?

Is it possible / how to build a Beefy super light client for Kusama or Polkadot? Beefy is designed to make the syncing process and finality proof very succinct to enable Ethereum on-chain light client....
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How do I configure the beefy parameter in the spec? [closed]

after reading and executing Start a private network, I managed successfully same exercise with polkadot-local spec chain base. Now I would like to do same exercise but this time with rococo local spec ...
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`add_set_reserved_peer` with Unknown Protocol

I have just integrated BEEFY into my runtime. A single node works well. But it can not gossip. add_set_reserved_peer with unknown protocol: /paritytech/beefy/1 How to fix this?
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