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How to create a preimage which is the batch of other preimages?

I am wondering whether, and if so how, it is possible to submit a preimage which batches over other preimages, e.g. const pre1= '0x09401eb25e90bf587fbde8d2a9be8af5ac0f3187f02f4e9e9f1f178b0314ebe5'; ...
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How to create a RuntimeCall with custom values and submit it to the utility pallet's batch function?

I have a custom pallet that is tightly coupled to the utility pallet. I am trying to call the batch function to perform a batch of balance transfers. The tests of the utility pallet (that create ...
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Using original origin's call filter for proxy pallet's proxy

In the proxy pallet's do_proxy function, a newly authenticated origin is constructed from the real account. This is explicitly done. Is there a particular reason for this? Can I just use the same ...
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Can a Substrate Runtime bulk-read many storage keys at once?

This question is about the Substrate host functions and storage implementation and is not specific to FRAME (although relevant FRAME-related information is welcome). Imagine that the runtime knows it ...
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batchall.sign throws TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'specVersion')

Trying to form a batchAll command that carries out 2 activities: Deposit 1 GLMR from wallet1 to wallet2 Cancel tokens' delegation revoke When I try to sign the batch with wallet1 (batchAllExtrinsic....
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