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What is the difference between Babe, Aura, and Grandpa?

Substrate supports "pluggable consensus" so a developer can choose from among several consensus algorithms. The main Substrate repository contains four algorithms: Aura Babe Proof of Work ...
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How to revert a bricked chain due to bad setCode

I upgraded a chain that uses Grandpa/Aura with code for instant seal by mistake. I believe it may be possible to revert some blocks: But cannot find ...
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pallet_authorship implementation doesn't work with Aura consensus

I'm trying to get the authors of the blocks using the pallet_authorship but when I inspect the authorship on the polkadot.js app I get none as result. This is my implementation of the ...
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NPoS with Aura - no planned era

UPDATE: The election always finalizes with Election Fallback and set of validators doesnt't and neither does the Era, but sessions keep increasing. I understand that an era is just a couple of ...
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