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"Slot number mismatch" after runtime upgrade

I'm upgrading a Parachain from Polkadot v1.6 to v1.8 (in one go). I followed all the instructions provided on the Polkadot wiki and I'm now applying the changes in step 3. I start a local network (...
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"Invalid" error thrown after enabling async backing

After enabling async backing for our parachain, it started throwing an "Invalid" error every time an extrinsic is called, for example, performing a transfer or creating an asset,the strange ...
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Upgrading parachain runtime for async backing "Timing by Block Number" question?

After reviewing this guide on upgrading the runtime of a parachain for async backing, I have a few questions regarding the "Timing by Block Number" section of phase 3, it mentions that ...
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What is the expected time from sending a extrinsic to a block it's in being finalised?

Can we predict an average time derived from consensus, async backing and what other factors can impact this time? Thanks
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Async operations with substrate library in python

I am curious, does the current python library support Async operations ? For some reason, I am getting an Aenter error when calling the substrate in python library. Thanks
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Assertion Failed error when minimumPeriod is set to 0

I'm currently working on upgrading a parachain to use Asynchronous Backing which requires a change in the pallet_timestamp making the MinimumPeriod = 0 impl pallet_timestamp::Config for Runtime { ....
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What is a ConsensusHook? The definition of a [ConsensusHook] trait for ...
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