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Do Polkadot Nodes Not Maintain the Complete Chain History?

I'm using Polkadot version 1.3.0-7c9fd83805c. When syncing a node with the command: ➜ ~ polkadot --tmp I've encountered an error preventing me from retrieving the genesis block: -32000: Client error:...
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How to run archive-node in substrate chains this is my start command: ./target/release/node --chain specs/testnet/testnet.json --name "test-archive-node" --...
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Are there examples of using subsquid archive to retrieve a raw block based on a blockhash?

Are there examples of using subsquid archive to retrieve a raw block (Vec) based on a block hash or number? It's very cool that one can query it at the graphql level (E.g.
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Substrate - Generating Transaction History of a Wallet

How can I generate transaction history of a wallet? I was able to run substrate-archive alongside polkadot and a template node in archive node. I stored onto postgres: state_traces, blocks, extrinsics,...
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Substrate-Archive, workaround for MAC?

Setting up Substrate-Archive for the first time. Tutorial/Wiki is a bit outdated. Following this solution that I found in "issues". Compiled and ran; however, I got an issue that I believe ...
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Events in Substrate Archive

Does substrate archive store events anywhere? It doesn't seems like it does, although it saves extrinsics and its parameters. I'm also having this kind of issue when running the app with a custom ...
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When running an archive node, what potential error conditions should I monitor for?

My goal is to tail the output and setup some health checks to monitor the nodes health. So I'm looking for example outputs and actions to take. Should I search SRC for log outputs? Is there a best ...
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What are the latest minimum specs for running a Polkadot/Kusama node (full node/archive node)?

What I found related to specs/resource requirements (memory, disk space,...) was : These requirements for running a validator node and In the polkadot wiki page the space required for an archive node....
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