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Why Hosts set storage information directly and not through the Runtime

Why Host set storage information directly and not through the Runtime api? (e.g. Grandpa Authorities, Accounts, Code, Heap_Pages) Is this an expected behavior or legacy?
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What is the core functionality (pallets) that should be part of the specification

We are working on an alternative implementation of the Polkadot protocol, but since the spec is missing a lot of details regarding the Runtime, we rely heavily on the Substrate implementation. So we ...
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What happen under the hood when I call an extrinsic function?

For example if I call a function from a custom pallet that set a random number on chain this elaboration is done by a single node or by the entire network with some sort of virtualization?
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What materials can we learn for Custom Architecture?

I want to build a nearly real blockchain system based on Substrate for academic study. I have scan the tutorials and guides, but those materials are all application level content. Where can I find the ...
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Why does Substrate have a Wasm runtime?

Having a Wasm runtime is a key design decision in Substrate's architecture. It's clear that it's a key part of Substrate's forkless upgradability feature, but I'm still curious to understand what ...
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