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Where to add the Custom RPC types in polkadot-js/apps directory?

In the Custom RPC types docs it explains how to create the types within the API promise, but it doesn't explain where to add it within the polkadot-js/apps repo, which is understandable because the ...
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1 answer

Build a test node without exposing Alice account

I need to build and run a substrate node in a such way that will not display Alice, Bob etc at accounts page. I tried to remove all mentioning of Alice, Bob etc. from the rust ...
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Wallet Selector for Polkadot.js Apps UI

Are the maintainers of Polkadot.js Apps UI receptive to integrating with a wallet selector? Is there a reason why Polkadot.js Apps UI is not integrated with the Talisman Connect wallet selector?
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setting default endpoint for `polkadot-js/apps` explorer

I'm running a polkadot-js/apps instance here with the following command: docker run -it --name polkadot-ui -e WS_URL=<NODE_URL> -p 80:80 jacogr/polkadot-js-apps:latest The web UI is being ...
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Use Keyring at a custom component

I'm trying to add a custom component to a fork of polkadot apps: The component looks like: import type { KeyringPair } from '@polkadot/keyring/types'; import { ...
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polkadot-apps build working, but failing to run

We have a forked apps repo and did an upstream merge recently. It is working fine when running yarn start, but whenever we try to build the code and use that index.html file its failing to run. There ...
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