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How to replace substrate address(H256) to Ethereum Address(H160)

I need to replace the substrate address(H256) in fresh substrate-node-template to Ethereum Address(H160). Is it possible? If yes, Is it mandatory to integrate frontier in the node-template? Do we have ...
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Substrate Public key and address derivation

Expected result: mnemonic: "sample split bamboo west visual approve brain fox arch impact relief smile" --scheme "ed25519" Secret phrase: sample split bamboo west visual ...
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Is it possible to fetch the validator's public address who participate during the grandpa finality of the current block?[updated]

I'm working on a chain where I need to gather the validator's public address who participates in the grandpa finality process and validate the current block. For ex: let's say we have 10 validators ...
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How to convert h160 address to ss58 address?

I am a dApp developer in Astar. I want to convert EVM(h160) address to Substrate(ss58) address to implement the UI like the subscan page.
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How to Recover Address from MasterPrivateKey in JS

I trying to make Signature using Polkadot.js without mnemonic in LedgerAddress. import { hdLedger } from "@polkadot/util-crypto"; import { u8aToHex } from "@polkadot/util"; import ...
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3 answers

Get SS58 Address from public key

I have my hex public key, how can I convert it to an SS58 Address? I have found the snippet to do it using PolkadotJS here: How to convert Public key (hex) to SS58 Address in JavaScript / Polkadot-JS? ...
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Mapping EVM Address to Substrate Address with Preserved Balance

I'm working on a project involving an EVM-compatible Substrate blockchain and facing a challenge. The problem arises when trying to map Ethereum-based addresses, acquired through Metamask, to the ...
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Bech32 encode/decode library for no_std to convert bytes32 into string address in runtime pallet?

I want to convert bytes into string address. I have only two options because of Junction limitation: bytes32 or bytes20. pub enum Junction { ... AccountId32 { network: Option<NetworkId>, ...'s user avatar
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I need a way to gather information about the address length and value length of each parachain

Solang is a solidity compiler that compiles to the wasm pallet. In Solang's CLI, there are options to configure the target parachain address length and value length. What I want to add is a feature ...
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How substrate / frontier convert address

We are using frontier with substrate to be able to deploy evm smart contract. When I create a transfer between two evm address and that the second one does not exist, the node create a new ss58 ...
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1 answer

How to change the format of addresses on a substrate local blockchain?

I have run a local node on my local host using the substrate documentation at: Also I git cloned the UI Frontend for ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Is there any way to convert an ss58 address to the 32 bytes pubkey? [duplicate]

I want to do this inside a precompile, so it is runtime and I don't have access to std.
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1 vote
1 answer

how to retrieve the list of public key addresses of all validators?

I am writing a custom gRPC server(not in runtime) and i want to retrieve the public keys of the validators to verify messages signed by them, but i need their public key addresses, how to do that in ...
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Add additional information for substrate user account

At the time of creating the user and keys, I need a way to add a field or fields related to this particular blockchain network, such as role. Is there a solution?
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dApp registration issue - Shiden Network

I'm in the process of making a video tutorial for The Kusamarian YouTube channel :"How to register a dApp on Shiden Network" I went through all the steps, but it failed at the end. Could you ...
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Can I use ECDSA address which is compatible with Ethereum as the Native address in a substrate based blockchain?

For my project, I have to build a blockchain using ECDSA address in order to be compatible with Ethereum. But the native address is in sr25519 scheme in substrate. What should I do to implement this? ...
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How is a substrate address, or multisig address, calcluated from private key?

What are the (high-level) steps to, firstly, create a substrate address from a private key and secondly, to create a m-of-n multisig address? A description similar to this image would be just about my ...
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Vec<AccountId> breaks compilation of ink! contract

In my contract I want to store addresses of all users who called a specific function of the contract. For that purpose I use #[ink(storage)] #[derive(SpreadAllocate)] pub struct Postbox { ...
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Fetch an account's id using its Identity

In kusama account recovery, you have to have your lost account's id (address) to initiate the recovery process, but when you lost an account, in most cases it's id is forgotten too. If we can kind of ...
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