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When does an off-chain worker get executed?

I have a scenario where I want to execute a scheduled call via the scheduler pallet at block number n. This call will change certain storage items of pallet. So before this storage changes, I want to ...
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Get account transactions using Substrate API

I think Substrate API is really messy and difficult to understand. How could I get all the transactions for an account? And getting account by address is also counterintuitive: you need to make a ...
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How to get historical substrate (extrinsic, events, etc) data using polkaDotJS API

PolkaDotJS API docs show to get extrinsic, events, etc data for a particular block. Is there a way to get all the extrinsic, events, etc data for the substrate network without having to get for each ...
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How to check the status of a transaction (after sending)

I'm aware of using a callback in signAndSend or sign to verify if a transaction is finalized (like here: Is there a way to do this after the ...
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How do I find the gas consumed by a contracts extrinsic?

I am querying extrinsic data and I am able to fetch gasLimit and gasPrice out of Extrinsic.method.args. But how do I fetch the amount of gas used from an extrinsic?
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How to subscribe to contract events using RPC?

I'm looking to subscribe to events emitted from a contract. I am currently creating a storage key for System Events, subscribing to it and filtering the events to get the one emitted by the contract I ...
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Query node for full history of an account's extrinsic/transaction records

I'm trying to get transaction history (ie. transfers) using just the account id. From my understanding the only way this can be done is if you go through every single block and look up the transaction ...
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What's the Substrate's equivalent of receipts in Ethereum?

I want to check if a given extrinsic is executed successfully or not from a light client inside the enclave (aka Intel SGX). I am importing new blocks, iterating over the extrinsics I am interested in,...
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How to filter the subscribed contracts events with their topics?

I need to subscribe to my smart-contract events (#[ink(event)]). So I state_subscribeStorage to "System.Events" storage key. But then I get all system events of all smart contracts in my ...
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Is there a JSON-RPC method similar to `eth_getLogs`?

I was wondering if there is a JSON-RPC method similar to eth_getLogs. What I would like to accomplish is to query all the events that meet a certain criteria, and that happened after a certain block. ...
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