I am following this tutorial:


While downloading the source code for relaychain I encountered the error:

"fatal: Remote branch release-v1.0.0 not found in upstream origin"

When I checked at: https://github.com/paritytech/polkadot-sdk/releases

It has a new release that is "Polkadot v1.1.0" and it says that the three repositories Substratte, Polkadot and Cumulus are not merged.

I am really confused, since I wanted to connect substrate parachain with the polladot relaychian. So, what version of polkadot relaychain and susbtrate-parachain-tempalte I should use for this purpose?

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There is an error in that tutorial, I have seen it before in this previous StackExchange question: can't start test network using zombienet-macos.

I have open an issue in the Docs repository: Fix wrong branch of new repository so hopefully it will be fixed soon.

But for now I suggest you don't do the git checkout release-v1.0.0 because the branch doesn't exist and just build the binaries (cargo build --release) on the Master branch, so you can follow the rest of the tutorial propertly.


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