After I called a contract, this is the extrinsic I found in the block:

enter image description here

What do these fields mean: value, storageDepositLimit ?

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All those fields are arguments that were passed to the contracts.call extrinsic. The place to look for a description of these arguments is either the rustdoc on of the pallet-contracts within substrate or the metadata generated from the runtime containing the pallet-contracts. Unfortunately, the UI doesn't seem to show the description text of those arguments.

The rust doc of the call extrinsic can be found here.

value: It is the amount of native chain balance that is to be transferred as part of the call extrinsic. This is different from any value hold in the contract logic itself.

storageDepositLimit: The pallet-contracts uses something called automatic storage deposits where it will charge a deposit from callers in proportion to how much storage a transaction adds to the chain. This argument is for the caller to limit the amount of deposit that can be charged. Think of it as a gas limit but for storage. More information here.

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