We setup polkadot parachain node for asset and node frequently halted for and again start syncing.

Dockr image - parity/polkadot-parachain:latest (docker hub) here is the docker compose file

version: “3.7”
image: parity/polkadot-parachain:latest
restart: on-failure
- “9944:9944”
- “30333:30333”
- “2332:9933”
- /localdir/parity:/parity
container_name: polkadot-parachain
mem_limit: 2g
–rpc-port 9933
–rpc-cors all

Node logs

2023-09-06 18:05:46 Polkadot parachain ,
2023-09-06 18:05:46 :v: version 1.0.0-2306bfb7565 ,
2023-09-06 18:05:46 :heart: by Parity Technologies [email protected], 2017-2023 ,
2023-09-06 18:05:46 :clipboard: Chain specification: Polkadot Asset Hub ,
2023-09-06 18:05:46 :label: Node name: bored-children-6550 ,
2023-09-06 18:05:46 :bust_in_silhouette: Role: FULL ,
2023-09-06 18:05:46 :floppy_disk: Database: RocksDb at /parity/.local/share/polkadot-parachain/chains/asset-hub-polkadot/db/full ,
2023-09-06 18:05:49 Parachain id: Id(1000) ,
2023-09-06 18:05:49 Parachain Account: 5Ec4AhPZk8STuex8Wsi9TwDtJQxKqzPJRCH7348Xtcs9vZLJ ,
2023-09-06 18:05:49 Is collating: no ,

Thnaks Umang Awasthy

  • Please provide logs that help us discover the problem. Sep 8, 2023 at 8:15
  • @DaanvanderPlas, please check node logs section Sep 16, 2023 at 18:09
  • Doesn't provide info that is useful Sep 18, 2023 at 10:19

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As Daan said in the comments is hard for us to discover what is wrong with the logs you provided.

It looks that the polkadot-parachain starts correctly, but how are you running the relay chain? Here you can see how to use your docker images with Zombienet to run all your testing environment (Relay-chain + parachain): Zombienet: Substrate-Parachain-Template ... How to write the Dockerfile?

I also recommend to check the basic tutorials in the Substrate docs: Prepare a local relay chain or how to use Zombienet to set up all your testing environment: Set up a parachain test network. And finally you can check some examples of docker scripts in the cumulus (parachain) repository.

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