I would try to replicate the Extrinsics that is thrown when using this

enter image description here

This is the ABI of my smart contract

        "args": [
            "label": "code",
            "type": {
              "displayName": [],
              "type": 2
        "default": false,
        "docs": [],
        "label": "get_track",
        "mutates": false,
        "payable": false,
        "returnType": {
          "displayName": [
          "type": 12
        "selector": "0x43f80da1"

This is the call I'm trying to make


enter image description here

1011: Unknown Transaction Validity: UnknownTransaction::NoUnsignedValidate

EDIT: Some progress (with ContractsApi_call)

Origin (Addr Caller): 9a0a3d999ba84d10f3257dc5616a0679cb60f56d4ae24f7b2357d25bfa7a450f
Destination (SmartContract): 8836bb46beaf9bb701f4aea16a7b9f448166bee6629d572d24a397c53739c526
????? = 00000000000000000000000000000000000090
Selector (method from abi) = 43f80da1
Code (parms smartcontract) = 542d53484952542d353234333133000000000000000000000000000000000000

Now i messing only to understand the 00000000000000000000000000000000000090 value

  • "mutates": false, it's a readonly call, probably another method to call in these cases?
    – FedeC87p
    Aug 28 at 9:00
  • I have to call a method of my smart contract, it is not mutable so I have to make a read-only call, the call info is all contained in the json that I extracted from the ABI. From polkadotjs it returns the data to me and makes the call without asking me to sign the transaction, unfortunately since there is no Tx to sign, I have no idea what call I'm making to get this data
    – FedeC87p
    Aug 28 at 9:22
  • What's the problem? Is it that you are unable to replicate the read from polkdaotJS in your code?
    – forgetso
    Aug 28 at 14:20
  • yes i have to replicate that call for the build of my library which interfaces with node. So I need to figure out which is the right call in this case
    – FedeC87p
    Aug 28 at 19:13


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