We useded25519_batch_verify in runtime from sp_io::crypto mod.

sp_io::Crypto and Verify traits require self, but I cannot find implementation.

In substrate primitives core I see verify calling

    fn verify<M: AsRef<[u8]>>(sig: &Signature, message: M, public: &Public) -> bool {
        let Ok(public) = VerificationKey::try_from(public.as_slice()) else { return false };
        let Ok(signature) = ed25519_zebra::Signature::try_from(sig.as_ref()) else { return false };
        public.verify(&signature, message.as_ref()).is_ok()

but does it call host functions for perfromance?


# This feature enables all crypto primitives for `no_std` builds like microcontrollers
# or Intel SGX.
# For the regular wasm runtime builds this should not be used.
full_crypto = [

So that code not to be used in Runtime.


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