I am working on a Substrate node that needs to sync with specific live networks. My goal is to ensure that the node is able to initiate and maintain synchronization with these networks, and I would like to integrate this testing into my continuous integration (CI) pipeline.

I'm looking for a convenient and scalable strategy that can be extended with other test cases in the future. Here's what I have in mind so far:

  1. Environment Setup: Should I connect directly to the live network, or is it better to replicate the conditions in a controlled environment?
  2. Node Launch and Configuration: How can I automate the launch of the node with the correct parameters for each network?
  3. Monitoring and Verification: What tools or scripts are recommended to monitor the synchronization process and verify success? Is there any existing solution that could simplify this task?
  4. Integration with CI: What are the best practices for integrating this testing into a CI pipeline to ensure consistent verification?
  5. Extensibility: How can I structure these tests so that they can be easily extended with additional cases or adapted to other networks in the future?

I appreciate any insights, examples, or references that can guide me in developing an efficient and robust testing strategy. Thank you!



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