It might not be the best place to ask this question, but I'm not sure there are other place, especially since others could be interested in the answer.

Why do the 3 repositories (Cumulus, Substrate and Polkadot) are going to be merged into a single repo (Polkadot SDK) ?

I get that it is somehow "easier" to have all linked code in a single repo, but at the same time, some users/developers could want to just work with one of the project and not the other two.

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There is a discussion about it on the Polkadot Forum


From https://polkadot-public.notion.site/Polkadot-SDK-FAQ-fbc4cecc2c46443fb37b9eeec2f0d85f

Why are we merging the three interdependent repositories into one?

Merging the interdependent repositories into a single repository will simplify the development process, eliminate the need for “companion” PRs across multiple repositories, and improve collaboration among team members. A single repository will also make it easier to manage issues, pull requests, and documentation.

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