I am running call_runtime from ink. It builds successfully, but when trying to upload contract, It gives system.ExtrinsicFailed contracts.CodeRejected error. Someone please advice what I am doing wrong?

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The error above is most likely because contracts pallet on Aleph Zero is not configured to support call_runtime.

Aleph Zero configuration

impl pallet_contracts::Config for Runtime {
    type Time = Timestamp;
    type Randomness = RandomnessCollectiveFlip;
    type Currency = Balances;
    type RuntimeEvent = RuntimeEvent;
    type RuntimeCall = RuntimeCall;
    // The safest default is to allow no calls at all. This is unsafe experimental feature with no support in ink!
    type CallFilter = Nothing;
    type WeightPrice = pallet_transaction_payment::Pallet<Self>;
    type WeightInfo = pallet_contracts::weights::SubstrateWeight<Self>;
    type ChainExtension = ();
    type Schedule = Schedule;
    type CallStack = [pallet_contracts::Frame<Self>; 16];
    type DepositPerByte = DepositPerByte;
    type DefaultDepositLimit = ConstU128<{ u128::MAX }>;
    type DepositPerItem = DepositPerItem;
    type AddressGenerator = pallet_contracts::DefaultAddressGenerator;
    type MaxCodeLen = ConstU32<{ 128 * 1024 }>;
    type MaxStorageKeyLen = ConstU32<128>;
    type UnsafeUnstableInterface = ConstBool<false>;
    type MaxDebugBufferLen = ConstU32<{ 2 * 1024 * 1024 }>;

To be able to use call_runtime, CallFilter and UnsafeUnstableInterface should be configured as below:

// In your node's runtime configuration file (runtime.rs)
impl pallet_contracts::Config for Runtime {
  // `Everything` or anything that will allow for the `Balances::transfer` extrinsic.
  type CallFilter = frame_support::traits::Everything; 
  type UnsafeUnstableInterface = ConstBool<true>;

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