I am running a local network containing an AssetHub and the Trappist parachain.

I create assets on both chains, and I make the one on AssetHub a sufficient asset.

I register the asset on the Trappist chain using assetRegistry.registerReserveAsset:

enter image description here

When I initiate a reserve transfer from AssetHub to Trappist the execution on AssetHub succeeds, but I get the TooExpensive error on the receiver side.

NOTE: the reserve transfer instruction looks like the one here, the only two differences being the assetId is zero and I transfer a much greater amount (10000000000000)

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Trappist does not support using the Asset you are using to pay for execution fees. Currently it supports USDT, Realy token, native token. You can change the trader to support more tokens. https://github.com/paritytech/trappist/blob/v0.9.42/runtime/trappist/src/xcm_config.rs#L258

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