For benchmarking I can see a need to use random number generators for maybe verification of a random storage or such. Do we have utilities provided by the frame_benchmarking framework itself or is it possible to bring in std dependencies for benchmarking?

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Benchmarks compile to WASM and can thereby not access std.

Now in most cases it is enough to use a deterministic pseudorandom source like the output of a cryptographic hash. You can easily do this by defining a seed and recursively calling Blake2 on it to generate as much "random" data as needed.
This has the advantage of being deterministic - benchmarks should always be deterministic for reproducibility.
But in general; std crates and hardware random number generators are not accessible.

(There could be a way to speparate the benchmarking setup from the actual execution, and thereby allow std in the setup phase, but it is just an idea - not anything that will be implemented any time soon.)

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