I wan't to get how long user has staked nft token in days. I recorded staking time_stamp while staking and un_staking time_stamp while un_staking. Now I wan't to calculate how many days user has staked for reward distribution based on days. How to do that?

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Below is the general calculation for finding the days.

    // Calculate the time difference between unstaking and staking timestamps.
    let time_difference = unstaking_timestamp
    .ok_or(DispatchError::from("Timestamp overflow"))?; // Modify error accordingly

    // Convert the time difference to the number of days.
    let days_staked: u64 = time_difference
        .checked_div(86400) // T::SECONDS_PER_DAY = 86400
  • @Immanule John can you please check this code either it is correct or not to convert timestamp into days? github.com/Build3rs-Labs/foxies/blob/…
    – Ganesh11
    Jul 31 at 11:48
  • Yes it seems so. but it is also recommended to do proper error handling in your code. 1. The checked_sub method returns an Option indicating the result of the subtraction. If the subtraction results in an overflow, it will return None. In such a case, the subsequent operations will not produce meaningful results. 2.The usage of unwrap_or_default() ignores the potential errors or overflow scenarios. In some cases, it may lead to incorrect or unexpected behavior. Jul 31 at 15:46
  • hey @Immanuel John I try to implemented as per you say but when I try to convert time_difference .as_secs() as per you suggestion then it gives no method as_secs() found for type u64. Here is code for just for calculating days, can you please review it once again. github_link
    – Ganesh11
    Aug 2 at 11:29

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