I have been experimenting with the substrate-relay application and successfully bridged Millau to Rialto following the standard example. Now, I am trying to bridge the substrate-template-node to Rialto.

My approach has been to substitute the Millau node with a substrate-template-node. Unfortunately, this has resulted in an issue.

When I try to establish this bridge, the relay fails to connect to the substrate-template-node and provides the following error message:

ERROR bridge Failed to connect to Millau node: RpcError(ParseError(Error("invalid length 64, expected a (both 0x-prefixed or not) hex string or byte array containing 64 bytes", line: 0, column: 0))).

I am wondering if it is necessary to implement additional code to enable the relay to connect to the chain I am aiming for? Any advice or insight on how to troubleshoot this issue would be much appreciated.


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Millau uses a non-standard 64-bytes hash to demonstrate that the bridge (runtime and offchain relayer) can support chains that are using non-standard primitives. So if you're providing your (substrate-template-node based chain) chain endpoint where relayer expects to find Millau, you'll get this error.

We don't (yet) have a generic relayer that may connect to the chain, read its metadata and start relaying headers/messages. That's something we've planned for the future (and obviously this "generic" mechanism will never work with Millau-like chains, because metadata would never contain a code to compute some hash). Right now to add a relayer support for a new chain, you should:

  • define its basic (runtime-level) primitives (hash, block number, header, ...). Example: bp-rialto;
  • define its relayer-level primitives, used to sign transactions. Example: relay-rialto-client;
  • manually add support for your new chain to the relayer itself. Relayer has many subcommands, so you should decide what's to support. Example: init-bridge subcommand.

A more detailed example, which adds support for bridge between Kusama Bridge Hub and Polkadot Bridge Hub: https://github.com/paritytech/parity-bridges-common/pull/1982

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