Encountered the following error while simulating a network when running the command:

./target/release/node-template purge-chain --base-path /tmp/alice --chain local

I got error indicating

/tmp/alice/chains/local_testnet/db/full did not exist.

Can we proceed with next step in the substrate documentation without purging the old chain data.

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That is not an error, more of an indication.

If you really want to check you can manually look in those folders:

ls /tmpl/alice/chains/local_testnet/db
ls /tmpl/alice/chains/local_testnet
ls /tmpl/alice/chains
ls /tmp/alice
ls /tmp

You probably do not see anything there because you ran your Substrate blockchain using --dev or --tmp which wipes the db after you shutdown the running blockchain.

Run a temporary node. A temporary directory will be created to store the configuration and will be deleted at the end of the process. Note: the directory is random per process execution. 
This directory is used as base path which includes: database, node key and keystore. 
When `--dev` is given and no explicit `--base-path`, this option is implied
  • Can we proceed with next steps without purging the old chain data, or is that step neccessary to purge that.
    – Preethi M
    Commented Jul 24, 2023 at 5:54
  • Which documentation/steps are you referring to?
    – Bruno
    Commented Jul 24, 2023 at 13:14
  • Substrate documentation
    – Preethi M
    Commented Jul 24, 2023 at 13:46
  • I am guessing you're following a tutorial? Do you have a link to the tutorial or steps you're referring to?
    – Bruno
    Commented Jul 24, 2023 at 19:02
  • docs.substrate.io/quick-start in this documentation I'm following tutorial.
    – Preethi M
    Commented Jul 25, 2023 at 6:06

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