I am currently working on a gadget for substrate that runs another software embedded within the node itself. This is similar to the beefy gadget. However, the software I'm using was originally designed to run as a standalone binary, rather than as substrate-specific software. The gadget serves as a thin wrapper around it and communicates with substrate using subxt over RPC.


In order for this software to function properly and be able to sign/send transactions to the substrate node, it requires access to the SURI/Private Key. However, there doesn't seem to be a clear way to extract the raw private key seed from the keystore itself. The gadget has access to the LocalKeystore, which is passed to it as a parameter when starting it in the service.rs file.

Code I have tried

I have attempted the following code:

use sp_application_crypto::{key_types, sr25519, ByteArray, CryptoTypePublicPair, Pair};

fn get_sr25519_pair(local_keystore: Option<Arc<LocalKeystore>>) -> Option<sr25519::AppPair> {
    let local_key_store = local_keystore.expect("failed to get local keystore");
    let sr25519_public = local_key_store
        .expect("failed to get keys")
        .find_map(|CryptoTypePublicPair(id, public_key)| {
            if id == sr25519::CRYPTO_ID {
            } else {
        .expect("failed to get sr25519 public key");
    let pair = local_key_store
        .expect("failed to get sr25519 pair");
    tracing::warn!("Pair Found {}", pair.is_some());

The output of this code is Pair Found false, which means I was able to obtain the public key, but it fails to find its corresponding key pair. It's worth noting that the LocalKeystore::key_pair method requires P: AppPair, so I cannot simply use sr25519::Pair here. This is inconvenient because the key is inserted into the keystore with sr25519::Pair, not sr25519::AppPair.

Could you please guide me on how to obtain the private key/seed of the main account (key type is acco) from the keystore?

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Note that AppCrypto trait has const ID: KeyTypeId which determines which keys will be filtered when using LocalKeystore::key_pair. Since you're using sp_application_crypto::sr25519::AppPair, which doesn't use key_types::ACCOUNT, LocalKeystore::key_pair can't find your key - assuming your key is inserted to keystore with key_types::ACCOUNT key type.

One solution is to construct appropriate AppPair using app_crypto! like so:

pub mod my_mod {
    use sp_application_crypto::{app_crypto, key_types::ACCOUNT};
    use sp_core::sr25519;

    app_crypto!(sr25519, ACCOUNT);

And then use it to get your private-public pair:

let pair = local_key_store.key_pair::<my_mod::Pair>(&sr25519_public);

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