when running a nodes, firewall is essential?

i used this command sudo ufw allow 3033/tpc but it`s result is "ERROR: Bad port"

what`s the problem? can i just done "sudo ufw enable" without allow 3033/tpc ?

i can see my node still working in the telemetry while i just done "sudo ufw enable" only without allow 3033/tpc.

  • can you share the command which you are using for running your validator node? Jul 7 at 10:29
  • It would be better to understand, if you can also tell us what command you are using? Jul 7 at 12:33
  • "ExecStart=polkadot --validator --name 'AAA' --pruning=1000" in the systemctl, is it related??
    – jay p
    Jul 7 at 16:13


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