I was working on Xcm functionality and using the function limitedTeleportAsset to transfer assets from one parachain to another parachain. I performed runtime upgrade in one parachain and suddenly that parachain stopped producing blocks. Is there any way to recover the parachain, so that i need not start it again.

  • how are you running your chain? can you give more information about your testing environment
    – Alex Bean
    Commented Jul 6, 2023 at 13:28
  • I am running my chain by connecting it to relay chain using the following command ./target/release/parachain-template-node --name a1 --collator --force-authoring --chain raw-parachain-chainspec.json --base-path /tmp/parachain/a1 --port 40333 --ws-port 8844 -- --execution wasm --chain ../polkadot/customSpecRawlocal.json --port 30343 --ws-port 9977 --bootnodes /ip4/
    – Ipsa Gupta
    Commented Jul 7, 2023 at 4:38

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To decide the best solution it really depends of what cause the problem, any idea what was wrong with the upgrade? If is something wrong with the upgrade you might want to fix it and perform the runtime upgrade again, see What is the proper way of executing a runtime upgrade on a parachain?

If you have a backup you will be able to launch your parachain with that backup, see how here: Parachain recovery.

If not you might need to use sudo privilegies to revert unfinalized blocks: How to revert a bricked chain due to bad setCode

There are 2 previous answers on StackExchange about this topic, they are more theoretical but it might be interesting for you to read:

If not, in case you are running it locally you can revert the unfinalized blocks: How to revert a bricked chain due to bad setCode

For parachains in production, there is a whole discussion around parachain recoveries in the Polkadot Forum: How to Recover a Parachain.

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