I have my hex public key, how can I convert it to an SS58 Address?

I have found the snippet to do it using PolkadotJS here: How to convert Public key (hex) to SS58 Address in JavaScript / Polkadot-JS? simply using const { encodeAddress } = require("@polkadot/keyring");

Is there a similar way to do that in Rust?


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Yes, there is a similar way to do that in Rust. You can use the sp_core crate. Here is an example of how to convert a hex public key to an SS58 address in Rust:

you can use the sp_core crate, which is part of the Substrate framework, to perform this conversion in Rust. Here's an example of how to achieve it:

extern crate sp_core;

use sp_core::crypto::Ss58Codec;

fn main() {
    let hex_public_key = "46ebddef8cd9bb167dc30878d7113b7e168e6f0646beffd77d69d39bad76b47a";
    let public_key = hex::decode(hex_public_key).expect("Failed to decode hex public key");
    let ss58_address = sp_core::crypto::AccountId32::from(public_key.as_slice()).to_ss58check();

    println!("SS58 address: {}", ss58_address);

Ensure you have the sp-core crate added as a dependency in your Cargo.toml file:

sp-core = "2.0"

In this example, we decode the hex public key using hex::decode assuming you have the hex crate as a dependency as well. Then, we create an AccountId32 instance using sp_core::crypto::AccountId32::from by passing the decoded public key as a slice.

Finally, we use the to_ss58check method on the AccountId32 instance to obtain the SS58 address representation.

  • Following this instructions I get an error importing {encode, AddressFormat}
    – Alex Bean
    Jul 6, 2023 at 9:49
  • 1
    can you please follow the above , sorry for my previos response
    – user3109
    Jul 6, 2023 at 9:57
  • Thanks! that snippet still gives me an error: the trait From<&[u8]> is not implemented for sp_core::crypto::AccountId32
    – Alex Bean
    Jul 6, 2023 at 10:21

Not sure if there is an easy way to do it like it is with PolkadotJS, but I check the code of the subkey tool and can share how I am getting a SS58 Address from a hex public key.

use sp_core::{crypto::{Ss58AddressFormatRegistry, Ss58Codec}, sr25519::Pair};
use sp_runtime::{MultiSigner};

let ss58_address = hex_public_key_to_ss58_address::<Pair>(public_str)?;

fn hex_public_key_to_ss58_address<Pair>(
    public_str: String,
) -> Result<String, Box<dyn std::error::Error>>
    Pair: sp_core::Pair,
    Pair::Public: Into<MultiSigner>,
    let public = array_bytes::hex2bytes(&public_str).expect("Failed to convert hex to bytes");
    let public_key = Pair::Public::try_from(&public)
        .map_err(|_| "Failed to construct public key from given hex")?;
    let ss58_address = public_key.to_ss58check_with_version(Ss58AddressFormatRegistry::SubstrateAccount.into()):


You can use this tool to get ss58 from your Public key(Hex) you may also check this

  • 1
    Thanks, but I am not looking for a tool, I am looking for a code snippet
    – Alex Bean
    Jul 6, 2023 at 10:16

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