I want use Database Snapshot Services, because making genesis to last block takes too much time.... so I used POLKACHU site, the code is.

" curl -o - -L https://snapshots.polkachu.com/snapshots/polkadot/polkadot_16262141.tar.lz4 | lz4 -c -d - | tar -x -C YOUR_DATABASE_LOCATION "

location changed like this

"curl -o - -L https://snapshots.polkachu.com/snapshots/polkadot/polkadot_16262141.tar.lz4 | lz4 -c -d - | tar -x -C ~/.local/share/polkadot/chains/polkadot"

All seems well downloaded, and I use the command "polkadot --database=RocksDb --pruning=1000" but nothing changed, when i see telemetry, it start from zero.......

@hat is the problem?? Did I miss something??

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Please verify the location by following these steps:

  1. Delete the ~/.local/share/polkadot directory.
  2. Execute the command polkadot directly.
  3. Press ctrl-c to stop the process.
  4. Examine the folder structure of ~/.local/share/polkadot.
  5. Locate and copy the db folder from your downloaded files (named db).
  6. Replace polkadot's existing db folder with the downloaded one.

Additionally, consider using the latest version of Polkadot and include the flag --sync warp. This option allows for faster synchronization without needing to download all data initially.

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    thank u so much i will try~ have a happy day~~!!
    – jay p
    Jul 6 at 5:34

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