Does anyone know why the template provided in this repo doesn't include any governance? I noticed that the Cumulus repo does include a sudo.

I run a parachain using this template and was unable to perform an upgrade due to the lack of governance. As a result, I had to instantiate a new parachain from scratch, this time including the sudo pallet. Actually, I still have an unresolved question about performing the upgrade from the relay chain as a workaround.

What's the rationale behind excluding any form of governance from this template?

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I added this 2 weeks ago on GitHub: https://github.com/paritytech/cumulus/pull/2748.

However, the CI has not synchronized the changes between these repositories for 3 weeks. It would be advisable to request an update at that mirrored repository.


Check this extended-parachain-template supported by Parity. A ready-for-hacking parachain template, pre-configured a governance system (Collective & Motion pallets) among other pallets.

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