I am using subxt library . I have downloaded metadata from chain using this url wss://rpc.polkadot.io:443 . I have also implemented default example from subxt documentation of transfer balance . i want to know how can i transfer balance from account a to account b present in my wallet using subxt library

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The account you want to send the funds to (you need the address):

    let account_B: AccountId32 = the_address.parse().unwrap();

The account you want to send the funds from (you need the seed):

let pair = sp_core::sr25519::Pair::from_string(&mnemonic_phrase_A, None).unwrap();
let account_A = PairSigner::new(pair);

Then is the same code as the example

let balance_transfer_tx = polkadot::tx().balances().transfer(account_B, 10_000);

    let events = api
        .sign_and_submit_then_watch_default(&balance_transfer_tx, &account_A)

Base on that example.

Replace the dest with:

array_bytes::hex2array::<_, 32>(your `b` account's public key here).unwrap().into()

And replace the from with:

use sp_core::{sr25519::Pair, Pair as _};
use subxt::tx::PairSigner;

PairSigner::new(Pair::from_seed(&array_bytes::hex2array(your a account's secret seed here).unwrap()))

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