I want to pass the collection id in the from of MultiAssets to transfer it to the another chain. But i'm facing this issue

error[E0614]: type `<T as pallet_nfts::Config>::CollectionId` cannot be dereferenced
   --> xnft/src/lib.rs:201:30
201 |             let assets: MultiAssets = (*collection_id).try_into().map_err(|()| Error::<T>::BadVersion)?;


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The error message indicates that you're trying to dereference a type <T as pallet_nfts::Config>::CollectionId, but it is not a type that can be dereferenced.

To resolve this issue, you should avoid dereferencing the collection_id directly. Instead, you can use the Into trait to convert it into the desired type. Here's an example of how you can modify your code to fix the issue:

let assets: MultiAssets = collection_id.into();

By using the Into trait, the collection_id will be automatically converted into the appropriate type, as long as there is an implementation of Into<MultiAssets> for CollectionId.

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